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naturalpregnant's Journal

A community for like-minded moms-to-be
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Mission Statement of Natural Pregnant

Our mission is to bring together women who are like-minded in their approach to pregnancy, birth and even what they strive for after the birth.

We encourage women to be intelligent and educated about pregnancy and choices to be made for preparation for birth and beyond. Within this community you can post updates to your pregnancy, experiences, share photos (always under a cut, please) and of course post questions.

What we support:

  • This pregnancy community is pro-breastfeeding.
  • Interventions only when medically necessary, you will get honest advice and opinions if you ask about interventions.
  • We do not support circumcision
  • We are pro homebirth, pro unassisted childbirth, pro natural birth in an environment you are comfortable with.
  • It does not matter how you got pregnant...natural pregnant would never exclude those are needed help acheiving pregnancy.
  • Natural Pregnant refers specifically to a philsophy that eating healthy, avoiding unnecessary interventions and trusting our bodies is important.

This community is not the same as [info]naturalbirth. If you need advice or to find sources for a natural childbirth, that is the community to join. Obviously there is some overlap, but mainly this community was initiated to give women a place to get to know one another who share a natural approach to pregnancy and beyond. However you are more than welcome to discuss your birth plans and choices.

Some Light Ground Rules:

  • All posts are automatically made friends only.
  • Please put all long posts under a cut as well as photos or videos
  • Birth stories welcomed but keep them under a cut and give a brief description
  • Be respectful of others but feel free to be honest
  • Ask questions, post information, post resources, keep it related to pregnancy, birth, postpartum and baby-wise
  • Healthy debate is acceptable...be respectful. Namecalling will get you banned.
  • Please we encourage you to introduct yourself!

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